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We strive to a holistic financial planning process where a client can get piece of mind knowing that we will do everything to help a client to create and protect his/her wealth.

We don’t sell Products we sell Solutions

We work together as a team to ensure clients  get the best advice and service possible. We mostly work on word of mouth, so quality service and advice is the only solution

Medical Aid

Medical aid provide comprehensive cover for in hospital events and if selected, for day to day medical expenses.

Gap Cover

Gap cover is a solution for medical aid shortfall. When a medical aid pays 100% it does not mean they pay all the costs.

Short Term Insurance

The term “short term insurance” are used when you insure assets like a house, house contents, vehicles, etc against a loss through theft, accident, or fire.

Estate Planning

Your will is probably the most important document you will ever sign in your life, but more than 60% of people die without a valid will.

Retirement Planning

Only 6% of retirees can retire financially independent. This mean that 94% of pensioners rely on the support of their children and the state, or they just cannot retire.

Risk Planning

Risk planning is planning for the unforeseen. For the thing that you do not expect to happen, but happen to so many people every day.

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