GAP Cover aim to protect you against unforeseen medical shortfalls.

Gap cover is a solution for medical aid shortfall. When a medical aid pays 100% it does not mean they pay all the costs. 100% mean they pay the claim up to medical scheme rate. This may result in members having huge medical bills to settle.
Medical Schemes may also request a co-payment for certain procedures, and this can also be covered by GAP Cover.
Just like Medical Schemes, GAP Cover provide different options for you to choose from, to cover your specific medical needs.
You cannot belong to a GAP Cover if you are not a member of a registered medical scheme, but you don’t have to belong to the same GAP cover your medical scheme provide. GAP Cover is a separate benefit and you can choose any cover from any GAP Cover provider.

We have agreements with Stratum Benefits and Zestlife to provide you with comprehensive medical cover.

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