Medical Aid

There is a big difference between medical insurance and medical aid.

Medical Insurance are a short-term product and cover procedures at a fixed amount and not what the procedure cost. You can use medical insurance to help you to cover day to day medical expenses, but you might get u nasty surprise when admitted into hospital.
Medical aid covers the actual cost up to the medical scheme rate. There is normally no limit on the hospital stay, but certain sub-limits my apply for procedures. You can also add GAP Cover to minimise shortfalls and co-payments.

Currently there are 18 Medical Schemes is South Africa which are not restricted to any employment or employer. These 18 Schemes have different individual options to choose from.

It is impossible to know the benefits of all the options, that’s why we focus on the two largest open medical Schemes in South Africa which is Bonitas and Discovery.
Bonitas have 13 different options and Discovery have 23 options and I’m convinced that we will be able to assist 90% of clients within these options.
You have the option to choose, from a basic hospital option that covers unlimited hospital cover with no day-to-day benefits up to a comprehensive option that gives you real peace of mind for both in hospital expenses as well as day-to-day cover.

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