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We tackle different products which is sometimes very difficult to understand or explain over the phone. We create videos of these products to enable clients to better understand the product and even be able to re-watch the video if need be.

We however still advise you to get in contact with us to ensure the product will suite your financial situation best.


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Medical Aid

A huge part of our monthly income is spend on our medical aid premiums. With these videos we are going to explain how to get the best value from your medical aid.

Discovery Birdseye Overview 2022

Discovery Health has different medical aid options to choose from. This presentation is an introduction to Discovery Health with an overview of the different options.  

Videos Will be Available Soon

Discovery KeyCare Options

The Discovery Keycare options are entry (Basic) medical options. The premiums for these options are linked to the income of the applicant. You must use specific Hospital networks. There are basic day to day cover on some of these options.   New Video will be uploaded.

Videos Will be Available Soon

Discovery Hospital Options (Afr & Eng) 2022

Kort beskrywing van die voordele van Discovery se Hospitaal opsies. Dit bied onbeperkte dekking binne hospitaal teen 100% of 200% van mediese fonds tarief. Geen voordele buite hospitaal nie.

Discovery have 5 options that provide unlimited Hospital Cover at either 100% or 200% of Medical Scheme Rate. No benefit for day to day medical expenses.

Discovery Smart Options

There are 2 Smart Options with Discovery Health. You may only use hospitals on the Smart network. You also have limited day to day cover.  Video will be uploaded shortly.   

Videos Will be Available Soon

Discovery Spaarder Planne 2022

Discovery se Spaarder planne bied onbeperkte dekking in hospitaal teen 100% of 200% van mediese fonds tarief, afhangende van die opsie. Dag tot dag mediese uitgawes word uit ‘n mediese spaarrekening gedek. Aan die einde van die jaar word alle fondse in die Spaarrekening oor is, oorgedra na die volgende jaar.

Discovery Priority Options

There are 2 Priority Options with Discovery Health. You are not limited to a specific Hospital Network. Day to Day medical expenses are paid from a savings and Above Threshold benefit.

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Comprehensive Options

There are 5 Comprehensive Options with Discovery Health. Some of the options are linked to specific Hospital networks while other options cover you in any Hospital. Day to Day medical expenses are paid from a savings and Above Threshold benefit.

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There are a few options when it comes to investing. There is not 1 investment that is better or worse than the other, each has it’s place in your financial planning.

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Only 6% of retirees can retire financially independent. This mean that 94% of pensioners rely on the support of their children and the state, or they just cannot retire.

Opsies by Aftrede

Indien jou aftrede dalk nou nader kom moet jy baie mooi hier na luister. Ons werk vir 35 to 40 jaar om tot by aftrede te kom, en dan moet ons in een enkele besluit ons hele aftrede bepaal. ‘n Besluit wat jy in baie gevalle nooit weer kan verander nie. Jy moet ‘n besluit neem oor wat jy met jou aftree geld, waar jy ‘n leeftyd voor gepsaar het gaan doen.

Liberty Exact Income Fund

Ek weet jy is bekommerd oor jou aftrede maar ek het vandag vir jou uitstekende nuus. Ek gaan vir jou wys hoe jy jou pensioen by aftrede kan vir drie dubbel sonder om enige addisionele premies by te betaal. Kom saam dan wys ek jou hoe om dit te doen.

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